A Meaty Subject

I am a meat eater.

Always have been, and have always kind of looked sideways and chuckled over at the vegans and vegetarians. I never really looked at it from a health standpoint, but rather always thought of it from a preference standpoint. About 8 years ago I had my blood checked and learned a lot about myself. I learned I was eating a lot of the wrong things and it was literally killing me even though from the outside I looked like I was in shape.

I changed my eating habits and started eating for my blood type. Basically, finding what food are compatible for my body to break down and thrive on. Mind...blown! Literally within weeks I had more energy, started feeling better, and workout performance increased. Fast forward 8 years and I'm researching plant based diets. The benefits from it: higher testosterone, the performance gains, the recovery,I want all that.

So I start my quest.

Now, I dont go full vegan; I start slow. I was able to go 3 days a week before I got mad... like real mad... and then i got stuck -- stuck thinking of how these two diets don't match up and might even totally contradict one another. See, the blood type diets says my body can't have certain food because my body can't break them down and or process them correctly. It also says I can eat my favorite meats because my body can break them down and, in fact, needs them to thrive. The vegan diet, however, says that humans are not made to eat meat, and one can get all the essential proteins and correct vitamins from what in the ground. Now after some thought and seeing the benefits of both,


What would that look like, you ask?

I will let you know.

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