U-105 / American Strongman in India is the first film for both Thunder Punch Media LLC, and producer/director Casey Grant.

Based out of Chandler, Arizona, Thunder Punch Media also produces the web series Boss Hoggin Road Trip Series with Marshall Zinn.

We started producing a documentary over a year prior to the release of this film by recording Marshall's training sessions, home life, and local competitions.  The original intent was to travel to the 2019 Arnold Classic in South Africa, but we were unable to get everything we needed in time.  

Almost a year later, we were able to get the permissions, money, and time to travel to a competition in Kolkata, India.

U-105 Trailer

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The Film

Strength isn't always enough

U-105 is a travel/sports documentary that follows amateur strongman Marshall Zinn as he journeys to India to compete in an international strength competition.  

Filmed in a style that brings the viewer along for the ride, U-105 lets you experience Kolkata, India, the unique challenges of international competition, and the highs and lows that come with competing on the world stage.

Downloadable Images

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Kolkata, India

Filmed with permission by the Consulate General of India in Kolkata. 

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