Arizona Strength Games 2020

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For information about purchasing footage or highlight reels click here: 

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Arizona Strength Games.

What an amazing competition it was!  Thank you again to all of our competitors, vendors, fans, and everyone who helped make this event such a massive success.  

Downloadable and Shareable images

More videos coming soon!  Stay tuned!
Purchasing Footage

Pictures posted on this page are free to download, share, upload, etc.  Have at it!  

To get footage from the event you have a couple of options: 

If you just want the raw footage of you or specific events, it is $25 and you can use it however you want.  A dropbox link will be provided to your specific footage.

If you are a contestant and would like a professional highlight reel edited together of your events,

the base rate is $75.

Contact Casey Grant at  to specify who you are, what you would like, and to arrange payment.  Paypal and Venmo are preferred.