Origin Story

I had already done several smaller projects with Marshall in the form of promotional videos and highlight reels, but when he proposed this project, I didn’t quite understand what he was suggesting.  I thought he wanted to make a series of weightlifting videos,  which I was happy to do, but he said that was not what he had in mind. 
“I want to get out of the gym,” Marshall said.  “Do different stuff.  Make something entertaining.”
That sparked my interest immediately.  Not only could it be fun and more engaging than weightlifting videos, it could serve to grow both of our brands into something new. 
I knew Marshall for several years before putting him in front of the camera, but the first time I ever considered he might come across well on the screen was after I took an hour-long car ride with him.  I must admit, I did not look forward to the prospect of being stuck in a car with him, as I thought he was an ex-drill sergeant turned gym rat who I had nothing in common with.  Then he started telling me some of the most fascinating stories and life experiences I have ever heard in an honest, animated, engaging way.  In short, the dude is interesting.
After a few conversations, we decided to just go for it and see what happens.  He wanted to do a food-themed episode, so we met at the Ahwatukee Food Truck Festival with no real plan other than to just eat some food and review it. 
We’ve done a couple more episodes since then, testing out what we do and do not want to do, gaining experience, and streamlining the process.  At the time of this writing, we have two more episodes in pre-production: one about international food, and one potential overseas excursion to India.